Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello Spring!

I've been seeing beautiful pictures of spring all over the Internet for almost two months now.  In my neck of the woods, winter lasts from late October through the end of April.  May is spring and June begins the summer season.  Sure enough, today it is decidedly spring-like, so I decided to work outdoors.  I'm working on a series of mixed media paintings (there's a fourth painting, but it's on its way to a publisher), and am loving working out in the sun!  The only drawback I'm finding is that the paint dries really, really fast.  That's great on the canvas, not so great for all the paint I've poured on the palette.  Live and learn.  I think I'll just take a little break and continue my work later this afternoon as the sun starts to set.  Ah, creative freedom!

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