Monday, May 20, 2013

Yummy New Papers!

Whenever I travel, I try to seek out unique art supply/stationery/paper stores.  A few years ago, wandering the narrow alleys of Rome, I stumbled across the BEST little art shop owned by an elderly Italian couple.  They did not speak English and I did not/do not speak Italian.  They were friendly though, and somehow we were able to communicate enough for me to walk out of there 100 euros lighter and with some gorgeous handmade paper.  I readily admit the fact that I'm hoarding it, and that I may never find the perfect project for it, but I cherish that paper and all the memories that are attached to it.

Back home, I discovered the lovely Paper Source chain while visiting my sister in Boston.  Those of you who have this lovely resource in your community, I'm envious.  The closest store to me is the one in Boston, 400 miles away from where I live.  At the time of my visit money was tight, and I only bought a couple of sheets of Lokta paper.  I had to make a journal for a handmade journal swap in one of my Yahoo art groups.  I had, as usual, procrastinated, and the mailing deadline was looming.  I made a very simple pamphlet stitch journal, using one of the Paper Source papers for my covers.  The journal was a hit!  I received so many complements on it and I have to admit, it WAS beautiful.  It was the paper (rather than the technique) that made it so.

Thanks to the Internet, I can now shop the Paper Source in my pajamas, and have just received the papers you see above.  They are handmade-books-waiting-to-happen, and when they''re done, I'll let you know.  A few of them will be available in my Etsy shop.  Stay tuned!

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