Friday, May 31, 2013

Practicing Extreme Self Care

This has been a very stressful week for me and my family.  Last weekend, my brother-in-law was stricken ill while travelling home from Canada.  We got the call Friday morning and drove across the state, frantic to be with him and make sure he was getting the type of care that he needed.  All told that weekend, we drove more than 1,200 miles and went 30 hours straight without sleep.  Confident that our loved one was where he needed to be and recover from his ordeal in time, we came home and tried to resume some sort of normality.  My husband threw himself into work, and launched myself into a painting marathon.  As of yesterday, I had completed two paintings and have 4 more in progress.

And then I hit the wall.  Too worried to paint, I shifted gears and turned my attention to the small, practical details of everyday life.  I went grocery shopping (it was time, the refrigerator was looking kinda bare), and passing the floral department, I spied the most beautiful roses, 20 for $10.00.  Our budget is tight, and the extra travel last weekend didn't help, but I knew I NEEDED these breathtaking flowers as much as I need air.  They brought me such comfort, cutting and placing them in a vase (actually 2, 20 is a LOT of roses!), then setting them on my vintage, flea market purchased table cloth on the kitchen table.  They were a small extravagance, but they have done wonders in perking me up.

I spent the rest of the day sitting in an adirondack chair in the shady part of our lawn, enjoying a good book. Some days are like that.  You need to put the pause button on life, ignore your to-do list, and recharge your batteries.

This morning I woke up fully rested, and ready to get back to doing that which needs to be done.  I don't regret taking the time off or spending money on what some (my husband) would consider frivolous.  If I don't take care of myself then I will be of use to no one.  Some pretty flowers, a good book, and a few hours to relax -- sometimes that's all it takes to recover your equilibrium.

What do you do to practice self care?


  1. Hi Beth!I love how family is on top of your priorities and how far you go for them! But you are right: Selfcare is just as important as to care for others! For me selfcare is much harder. But I'm on my way to learing it..I keep telling me "if I'm not happy I wouldn't have much energy to care for others" I buy myself flowers as well. Or take a foam bath. Or a glass of wine. My favourite things in moments I feel low are soulful books and since finishing the journaling course also writing in my journal.
    Wish you a relaxed, selfcared weekend!

  2. Oh lovely Jane, thank you for stopping by my blog! Remember this (and it's much easier said than done), the best way to care for our loved ones is to care for ourselves first. Go ahead, take that foam bath, and bring the wine in with you!